Hours, Pricing & Maps

Winter Hours:

Mon-Thu: 5pm-11pm
Fri: 5pm-1am

Sat:  11am- 1am
Sun:  11am-11pm

If we’re empty at one hour prior to close, we may elect to close early – if you’re planning to arrive 90 minutes prior to the end of our business day, please call ahead. Not sure you’re going to get the full value for your admission when arriving near the end of our business day? We will stay open up to 30 minutes after close to ensure you have at least one and a half hours of play after your arrival! Hours are subject to change without notice – if you’re planning a future visit, be sure to call or email to verify our hours for your planned date.


Admission for arcade entry:

$15 – unlimited play with unlimited re-entry on day of purchase


All arcades, pins, and consoles set out for play are included.

We regret that no alcohol is allowed at the Retrocade, but your admission always includes come and go access, so you’re always just a few steps away from a wide range of drinking establishments!

Admission is required of all entrants, playing or not, unless you are escorting children ages 9-14 and do not play: visitors that have not purchased an admission may not enter the gaming area and will be restricted to the front of the arcade. Please consider: this is the perfect opportunity to bond with your child, playing games where you will have the upper hand – don’t pass up your chance for some payback!

Your admission is non-transferable.

All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult (age 21+) – no drop offs.

Children 8 and under must have a paid adult playing DIRECTLY with them.
Just to set clear expectations: NO, children under 8 are NOT FREE. In fact, and adult must also pay for entry and accompany the child. That’s $30 for the two of you. Ages 9-14 may play without a paid adult, but may not be in the arcade without an adult present, who does not have to pay, but may not pass the front counter without a paid entry; we have seating for you while you wait.

The Underground must insist on adequate adult supervision of children ages 8 and under; to support this goal, we require guests with these younger children to maintain a 1:1 adult to child ratio, especially for their child’s first visit; they will need both your help to learn how to play and your good example of how to treat these classic games. Children under 48″ tall will have difficulty reaching the controls but may not be placed upon any stool where their feet do not touch the ground. Do not allow children to stand on wood stools or chairs. Arcade controls are not designed to support your child’s weight, so please do not allow them to hang from joysticks or steering wheels. Plastic step stools are available to raise your child safely to a height where they can see into the games.

Pinball for guests under 14 only with direct adult supervision. Please ensure your child, or any other players for that matter, does not:

  • flip the flippers in frustration or to hammer out a beat to the music,
  • tilt or shake the game to dislodge a stuck ball or to achieve a higher score,
  • use excessive force (ie: their full body weight) to pull the plunger out trying to get a faster ball launch, and most importantly:
  • abandon a running pin mid-game.

Your assistance will keep admission prices affordable and help to keep the games in top playing condition so all may enjoy.

We reserve the right to request proof of age for high school aged children not accompanied by an adult.

Read more about corporate events and parties here!

Bargain Passes:

$ 39 week
$ 89 month
$100 seasonal
$350 annual  (includes single use of party room on the date of your choice once per year ; additional guest passes available for that date at a discounted rate)

Floating guest pass: annual pass holders may purchase a second “floating guest pass” for an additional 50% of their pass fee. This pass enables the pass holder to bring a single guest at no additional cost. Perfect for couples and parents! This second pass isn’t tied to any individual – so one visit you can bring your spouse, the next visit, your child, and the next your boss (what better way to get that promotion!) Guest admitted only when you are present – no “drop offs” please. When adding a floating guest pass to an already active annual membership, the fee will be prorated to the end of the annual in order to keep the anniversary date in sync.

All passes are upgradable: you can apply what you paid towards the next level pass; entry in special tournaments may not be included with a pass – see tournament rules for details.

Groups larger than 15 – special rates available; advance purchase of all passes required to receive discount – call ahead or click this link to learn more!

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Public parking in green areas, below. Yellow areas undergoing improvement to be completed by Sept 15, 2017 – parking availability changes daily during construction. Do not park in red area (private VFW lot.) 2 hour parking on 2nd street weekdays 8a-6p ONLY; all other times unlimited. Please enter Retrocade through Main Street entrance.