It has never been a better time to be a fan of retro – other than to have lived through the era as it occurred, and then only arguably so as the acceptance of nerd/geek themed indulgences wasn’t met with the same level of positive support as you find today. If you’re a fan of the Retrocade, you’ll find something of interest in the following podcasts.

Jamie “JT Shmuppinstuff” Tibbetts and Fred “the Hambone” DeHart occasionally release the videocast Shmuppin’, which can be linked here: http://www.shmuppin.com/

UR regular Sean Courtney is joined weekly by Jim, childhood friend and dead audio ringer for MTV’s Beavis to discuss a theme surrounding two classic arcade titles on the Pie Factory Podcast at http://www.fab4it.com/piefactory/

The No Quarter Podcast features Mike Maginnis and Jeff Prescott, and can be heard periodically at noquarterpodcast.com. For a real treat, be sure to listen to their back catalog featuring Rob O’hara and Carrington Vanston!

Arcade classics get a proper following on the Ten Pence Podcast with Victor Marland and Shaun Holley here: http://tenpencearcade.co.uk/

Ferg shares the Atari 2600 love with his 2600 Game By Game Podcast here: http://2600gamebygamepodcast.blogspot.com/

Pinheads will enjoy the latest from our buddy Jack Danger via several of his social media outlets, including his Dead Flip website and daily twitch stream