NO ROUGH PLAY on arcades/pins | No Gum or outside food/beverage | No Running | Do not go behind the arcade cabinets or in restricted areas | Respect other players; only play one credit when someone is waiting for a turn | Do not reset or adjust machines, TVs, or remove disks/carts from consoles | Don’t credit machines more than you will play | Don’t abandon games mid-play | Please hang coats on rack, not on chairs or on cabinet tops | Beverages purchased may be consumed in the seating area near the front of the first floor.


First, thank you for choosing the Underground as the arcade in which you will make a lasting impression of what your childhood was like with your children. Please keep in mind: we are NOT Chuck E Cheese or a daycare. Most if not all of our arcades have been lovingly restored and require proper care and use. Smaller children may have difficulty reaching the controls and will need assistance learning how to play. We have a limited number of boosters available – please do not allow children to stand on chairs, stools, or tables. Please ensure your children do not “hang” from controls as the joysticks and steering wheels are not designed to support a child’s weight – you will be held financially responsible for any damage caused.

Children 14 and under  may play pinball only under the direct supervision of their accompanying adult.